‘See that cat?’ Kat pointed at a tabby that had found a patch of sunlight on a nearby low wall, and was
lying in it, content.
‘Yes,’ Charlie said.
‘What is it doing?’
Charlie watched the cat, bathing in its patch of warmth.
‘Nothing? Are you sure?’
‘Yes. That cat is fundamentally failing to achieve.’ Charlie said.
Séraphine laughed. ‘I disagree. It’s living slowly. Contemplating. Enjoying.’
‘Exactly,’ Kat said, triumphantly. ‘Séraphine’s got it.’
‘That cat’s wasting time,’ Charlie said, firmly.
‘No, it isn’t.’ Kat shook her head. ‘And when we take our time over afternoon tea, neither are we.
That’s the cardinal rule – never rush. Take time to savour it.’

(Enjoy the sun while it lasts & tea & a nice book) 🙂

PS: Nu mai îmi amintesc numele cărții, dar probabil e un autor englez 🙂